Always On Her Mind Dania Zarr™ Dressed Doll


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Always On Her Mind Dania Zarr™ Dressed Doll

From 2012 The Style Directive Fashion Royalty Collection

Limited Edition Size:  450 Dolls Worldwide

Dania Zarr has always been known for her own shall we say “creative” style of reporting, but simply being the No.1 fashion reporter of the world has never been enough for her.  Definitely one of the most determined gals on TV, Dania’s recent release of a tell all book about the fashion world has attracted both the praise and irk of many fashion insiders, as well as the attention of a very prominent TV producer who gave her the opportunity to become the hottest talk show host in Paris.  Now, the queen of daytime TV, Dania Zarr, sets trends of her own and she’s got the whole town talking about her and her guests.  What will she wear next?  What hidden secret will she uncover?  Her adoring public can’t wait and her unsuspecting victims squirm at the thought!  Wearing one of her most talked about looks of the season, Dania channels her inner Marilyn in this superb retro, high-contrast black and pink outfit.  She’s ready for that controversial interview now, Mr. producer!

Dania is a 12″ vinyl doll that comes with a fully rooted hairstyle, hand applied eyelashes, fashion, jewelry, accessories, shoes, doll stand and certificate of authenticity