Barefoot In The Park™ The Batter Lovers Gift Set


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About Paramount Pictures’ Barefoot in the Park  

Based on Neil Simon’s 1963 play of the same title, it focuses on newlyweds Corie and Paul Bratter and their adventures living in a minuscule sixth floor walk-up apartment in a Greenwich Village brownstone. Stuffed-shirt Paul is a hard-working young attorney just starting his practice, while spontaneous bride Corie is determined to create a romantic environment in one room with no heat, a hole in the skylight, and oddball neighbors.

The title refers to Paul’s becoming drunk, throwing caution to the wind and running barefoot in Washington Square Park in response to his wife’s repeated complaints about his sober and cautious demeanor.

About the Poppy Parker Gift Sets   –   Integrity Toys went all out for this totally awesome movie license!  These gift sets feature Poppy Parker™ and her boyfriend Chip Farnsworth III™ in the lead roles of this adorable romantic production.  Fans will be delighted with the incredible quality of these sets and the sheer amount of individual pieces they contain!

The Bratter Lovers Barefoot in the Park™ Collection from 2013

Poppy Parker™ and Chip Farnsworth III™ as Corie and Paul Bratter

Two-Doll Gift Set

Edition Size: 800 Gift Sets

Doll Tech Specs:   

Head Sculpts: Poppy Parker™and Chip Farnsworth III™

Body Types: Poppy Parker™ (female doll) and FR: Homme™ (male doll)

Quick Switch Feature: No

Skin Tone: FR White

Hair Color: Red (Corie) and golden blond (Paul)

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied       

Corie Bratter, as depicted by Poppy, is a free spirited gal starting a new life with her ideal man.  She wants to make their small apartment a home that they will love.  She wears her signature beige toggle coat, gold turtleneck top, brown cropped corduroy jeans with belt and short brown “leather” ankle boots.  Her long strawberry blond hair is pulled into a half ponytail and her pretty face is framed with wispy bangs.

Paul Bratter, as depicted by Chip, is a 12.5-inch articulated vinyl fashion figure with fully rooted hair.  Poppy’s beau makes a dashing impression as the young hopeful, though maybe a little uptight, lawyer encouraged to discover that he has his first case in court in the morning.  He’s fashionably outfitted in a classic two-piece gray suit with a perfectly matched light blue dress shirt, navy tie and an ultra masculine wristwatch.  All of this is topped by a smart charcoal gray trench coat with black velvet trim on the collar and neck scarf accessory.  His side parted blond hair and knowing smile finish off his look as the ultimate golden boy who is very happy to see his young wife.

Two doll stands are included.  For adult collectors ages 14 and up.

Never Removed From the Box in factory mint condition.

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