Dark Fable Horror High Vegas Nu.Fantasy™ Dressed Doll


Dark Fable
 Horror High Vegas!!!
2013 IFDC IT DIRECT Exclusive Doll
Limited Edition of 300 Dolls

Once upon a time in a mysterious land afar, lived a fashionable temptress who loved nothing else but to break the hearts of men who dare to fall for her charms.  No one was safe from the deception that lay ahead.  Few souls could resist Dark Fable’s neo-romantic storybook look and falling for this siren of love and deception always left her many victims’ hearts completely devastated!

Dark Fable is a 12-inch articulated vinyl doll with full rooted, intricately styled duo-toned hair and hand-applied eyelashes.  Dressed in a most ominous two-piece ensemble, one can easily picture this villainess making a striking appearance as she softly glides about the oversized balcony overlooking the desolate long abandoned ballroom of her ancient mansion.  Dark Fable accessorizes her look with a hypnotic broach and heart-shaped ring and black closed-toe pumps, which are splattered with the blood of her latest victim!  A doll stand is included.  For adult collectors ages 14 and up only.

Doll Tech Specs:

Collection:  Nu.Fantasy™

Head Sculpt:  Imogen™
Body Type:  Fashion Royalty®
Quick Switch Feature:  No
Skin Tone:  FR White
Hair Color:  Duo-Toned Black and Red
Eyelashes:  Yes, Hand Applied
Total Packaged Dimensions:  Approximately 9.5″ X 15″ X 3.25″

This doll is Never Removed From the Box in factory original condition.  Brown shipper included.

This fantastic doll was won in a Lottery! You can own ONE of only 300 dolls produced.

Available:  1 Doll

Shipping is $21.00 for FedEx with Signature Required.

NO returns, no exchanges, no refunds.