Faraway Forest Fairy Kingdom™ Wedding Barbie® & Ken Gift Set


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Faraway Forest Fairy Kingdom™ Wedding Barbie® & Ken Gift Set

A royal celebration is underway in the fairy kingdom and everyone gathers to glimpse the beautiful maiden! As the pair exchange their marriage vows, an enchantress magically transforms their wedding attire. The matching outfits symbolize her gift of everlasting unity. As the sixth and seventh dolls in the Faraway Forest™ series, this royal couple is the crown jewel of the Faraway Forest™ Collection. Golden details printed on lavender fabric create a brocade look reminiscent of medieval tapestries. The bride is dressed in a flowing empire waist gown trimmed with gold accents. Her crown-to-floor veil cascades over her long red hair. She carries a delicate bouquet of flowers from her meadow. The prince is striking in his royal tunic, also trimmed in gold and worn over velvet-textured pants. His unique sculpt includes pointed ears. As the wedding celebration begins, the fairy prophecy has finally been fulfilled. All lands rejoice as once again peace reigns in Faraway Forest.

Never Removed From the Box inside Mattel Toys brown shipper carton.

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