She Owns Everything Erin S. Nu.Face Dressed Doll


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She Owns Everything 
Erin S.™ Dressed Doll
The NU. Face™ Collection
Available:  1 Doll
Limited Edition Size: 700 Dolls Only
Doll Tech Specs
Head Sculpt: Erin 2.0
Body Type: NU. Face 2.0
Skintone: Cream
Hair Color: Golden Blond
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied
Quickswitch: No
Erin S. is the main fashionista on campus! She runs the show and sets the trends so that the other girls in school don’t have to navigate the murky waters of fashion… She decides what’s cool and what’s not for them! It’s that easy! Now, whether or not they all want to follow in her reckless steps, that’s another topic completely. But, suffice it to say, she just pities those who won’t follow her down the catwalk of life.
This 12.5-inch fully articulated doll features fully rooted hair and comes complete with an ultra-detailed outfit composed of a perfectly fitted faux-leather bustier and tweed skirt, a blush pink 3/4 sleeve “fur” coat, short mesh socks, high-heels, a jewelry set, a clutch purse, a pair of graffiti printed opera length faux-leather fingerless gloves, a doll stand and a certificate of authenticity. For adult collectors ages 15 and up only.