Please read our policies before placing an order.  We are a small specialty store for new, never removed from box collectible fashion dolls and accessories.

Important Shipping Information

If you need items before December 25th, please place your order by December 15th.  We cannot guarantee shipping dates.

You may cancel an order within 24 hours of placement and receive a partial refund of the payment amount.  PayPal does NOT refund the credit card fee, they keep it for their service, so we are not able to offer 100% refund.

We process all new orders of in-stock items within 24-36 hours of placement.  It will take several days for receipt of the shipment as USPS is experiencing delays with deliveries due to the on-going pandemic.  Orders of in-stock items from our shopping cart have a set shipping charge for the size of shipping carton required to ship each item.

We do not offer 24 hour delivery service.

No returns, no exchanges, no refunds on any of our Never Removed From the BOX items.

We ship via FedEx/ground/insured and the USPS/insured with tracking.

Sorry, we do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii because of damage problems and the extreme cost of shipping.

Shipping cost covers shipping, tracking and insurance for loss or severe damage.

We will only ship to the person who’s name is on the credit card used for payment. The billing address and the shipping address must be the same. We will not ship to secondary addresses.   If PayPal cannot confirm your ship to address, we may refuse the order as allowed by PayPal.

WE DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. WE DO NOT ACCEPT FOREIGN ISSUED CREDIT CARDS. ANY FOREIGN ORDER WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR ANY REASON.  This includes Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories.  PayPal will not accept a foreign issued credit card in our name.  We do not participate in the “buddy” system where a foreign person uses a U.S address to make a purchase and then their “buddy” forwards the package to their foreign address.  We do not ship to “drop boxes” where a company will forward a shipment to a foreign country.

We do NOT ship in the Integrity Toys shipper boxes. We use a shipping carton with packing peanuts and take great care that the doll arrives un-damaged.  Therefore, our shipping cost may be higher than other dealers.

If you have questions about an item, please contact us via email for answers before placing an order.

Product Information:

MATTEL TOYS – BARBIE:  We can no longer accept pre-orders on Mattel Toys products.  We will list Mattel Toys dolls for sale after inventory is received and we know we can fill your order.

You may shop Mattel Toys products through our website or by telephone at 301-371-5751.  A knowledgeable Barbie collector will take your order and offer any help requested.   We fill all Barbie doll orders with NEVER Removed from the Box, factory mint condition dolls with a mint condition doll box.  If we do not have a mint condition box in stock, we will email you the condition of the box we can ship to you and ask you if you approve of a particular box condition.  Most Mattel Toys doll boxes have minor mars on the plastic of the box.  These are factory milling imperfections and do not constitute damage.

INTEGRITY TOYS PRODUCT:  Due to the massive email requests for new product, we do not accept pre-orders for this product.

We do not guarantee perfect boxes on any Integrity Toys product as this is a very limited product and a creased or scratched box cannot be replaced. Please do not ask for perfect boxes on these very limited items. Your order may be refused as we may not have a mint, perfect doll box for you.

Please do not ask for shipment other than FedEx or USPS.  We will choose the best shipping carrier for your area.


You may not return any item for any reason. You may not exchange any item for any reason. We do not guarantee the cardboard box condition on Integrity Toys items. If you are a perfect box collector, then please do not place an order for Integrity Toys products with us because you may not receive a prefect Integrity Toys doll box. Any defective product must be returned to the manufacturer, Integrity Toys or Mattel Toys for repair or replacement by them.  Integrity Toys offers a one-year warranty on all their product.

We cannot be held responsible for any product changes or product cancellations by the manufacturers we represent, Integrity Toys, and Mattel Toys .  We cannot be held responsible for any shipment delays by the manufacturer.

We have the right to refuse any order.

All of our ordering policies are in accord with our Integrity Toys and Mattel Toys authorized dealer contracts and licensed business regulations of the State of Maryland.

We are not affiliated with the W Club in any way and are not obligated to any of their membership in requesting to place a pre-order with our company.  We do not accept pre-orders for Integrity Toys product.

If you have any questions, please email me at  Sorry, we do not discuss Integrity Toys products by telephone as misunderstandings tend to occur.