The Barbie Look™ Red Carpet Redhead Doll


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The Barbie Look™ Red Carpet Redhead Doll – Wearing a lime green evening gown, with silver color handbag, shoes and earrings.  Note:  Necklace look is attached to gown.  Most sought after Loubouton face mold.

She lives life joyously and always fashionably.  She models the perfect look and that unstoppable attitude wherever she goes.  Stylishly stunning.  Barbie doll’s closet contains quintessential fashions for every event – from red carpet openings to galas to parties!  Being well dressed at all times is de rigueur in the world of Barbie™!

From 2013 The Barbie Look™ Collection.  Black Label.

Available:  1 Doll in Excellent condition box.