Bombshell Adele Makeda Close-Up Doll


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Edition:  800 pieces

Bombshell Adele Makeda has blonde hair.  She is dressed in a white 2-piece swimsuit with gold beaded handbag.  Includes white/gold strappy shoes, sunglasses and beaded hoop earrings.  Skin color is medium shade of bronze.  A truly beautiful doll!

This doll was designed by Jason Wu, not the 5-man design team that designs all of Integrity Toys current dolls.

The Integrity Toys dolls produced before 2012 do not have all the articulation as current Integrity Toys dolls.  The head on this doll moves from side to side and a small range of up and down.  If the head is forced up or down, it will break off.  We have checked the head on this doll and it is firmly fixed on the body as is correct from the factory.

The Integrity Toys dolls produced before 2012 do not have the long, long legs and arms.  This doll is actually a bit shorter than the current dolls produced.

Note:  The tissue paper inside the box may be discolored due to age.  This does not affect the condition of the doll.

Dressed doll ONLY, furniture props in picture are NOT included.

The Integrity Toys warranty has expired on this doll.

NO returns, no exchanges, no refunds