Brunette Brilliance™ Barbie® Doll


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Brunette Brilliance™ Barbie® is the second doll in The Red Carpet™ Collection from famous fashion designer Bob Mackie. This doll is wearing an extravagant black velvet gown embroidered in silver with pink, purple, and silver beading. A fuchsia overskirt and stand-up notched collar edged in silver beads and silver and black embroidery complete her magnificent ensemble. Rhinestones earrings dangle perfectly to accent her short black hair against her ultra pale skin tone color.

  • Edition: Limited Edition
  • Collection: Bob Mackie Barbie® Dolls
  • Release Date: 2/1/2003
  • © 2002 Bob Mackie Design Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved

This doll is Never Removed from the Box inside a Mattel Toys brown shipper carton.

NO Returns, no exchanges, no refunds.