Continental Holiday™ Barbie® Gift Set (BFMC)


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The Continental Holiday™ Giftset brings you a beautiful brunette doll complete with a couture wardrobe. Creamy lace foundation and stockings are the elegant beginnings. An aqua sleeveless shell, ivory pleated skirt, and golden pants (not pictured) provide the striking separates. Rich faux fur accents her aqua and golden brocade coat. Her perfect traveling accessories include oversized handbag, sleek clutch, sling back heels, and trendy sunglasses.

  • Designer: Robert Best
  • Edition: Limited Edition
  • Collection: Barbie® Fashion Model Collection
  • Release Date: 4/1/2002
Note:  These are Mattel Toys archive pictures.  The doll I have to offer is Never Removed From the Box in factory mint condition with the Mattel Toys factory wrapped tissue paper still on the box.

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