Darya™ Barbie® Doll (BFMC)


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Elegant, decadent, and oh so alluring, Darya™ Barbie® doll knows how to turn heads. Wearing a dress of golden embroidery and brilliant red fit for a czarina, this fashion icon epitomizes regal luxury and classic chic. Dramatic eyes with a hint of sparkle, dazzling “jewels, ” and the perfect pout in deep red make this Russian beauty absolutely unforgettable.

  • Label: Gold Label®
  • Collection: Barbie® Fashion Model Collection
  • Designer: Robert Best
  • Release Date: 5/1/2011
  • Body Type: Silkstone®
  • Quantity Produced: 5400
  • Fashion designed especially for the Silkstone® Barbie® doll body. Not for use with other Barbie® dolls.

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