Funny Face – The Quality Woman Dressed Doll

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Integrity Toys, in collaboration with Paramount Studios, is proud to officially unveil a collection of high-end commemorative adult collectible dolls based on one of Hollywood’s most iconic musical productions of all times, FUNNY FACE!

The Quality Woman Dressed Doll Gift Set
The Funny Face Collection Limited Edition of 400 Dolls.

Maggie Prescott is “The Quality Woman”. Other women want to be her and she is the ultimate fashionista–FUNNY FACE’s very own Anna Wintour type. Maggie not only knows trends inside out, she sets them. She is fashion and knows a fresh face when she sees one! Ms. Prescott is the one who turns a simple book store clerk into an international modeling super star! “The Quality Woman” is a 12″ fully articulated vinyl doll with rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes featuring Integrity’s Victoire Roux body in the role of Maggie Prescott. This gift set is composed of three complete looks as worn by the character of Maggie Prescott in the movie FUNNY FACE. This set also features the perfect costume-completers to finish these looks, namely, two pairs of shoes, gloves, three hats, a purse and a jewelry set. It also includes an alternate set of hands, a doll stand and a certificate of authenticity. For adult collectors 14 years and up.