Hair Fair Barbie™ Doll 50th Anniversary Set


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In the late 1960s,  the hot trend was hair! From big hair to ever-changing hairstyles, even Barbie®  doll embraced this mod fashion trend in 1967. Barbie Hair Fair doll offered a  complete wig wardrobe that allowed Barbie® to change her look to complement her  on-trend outfits.  Like the original, this anniversary set also includes a  flip braid, a hair piece, a headband, and a brunette wig!  Wearing a bright flower power dress, 50th Anniversary Barbie Hair Fair doll celebrates this iconic fashion era. Her look features chunky over-sized earrings, a cute asymmetrical bob hairstyle and rooted eyelashes.  Styles may change, but one thing remains the same, Barbie® continues to inspire the endless possibilities of fashion!


Body Type:  Twist n Turn
Facial sculpt:  Twist n Turn
Fashion Sewn On: No
Eyelashes: Rooted
Fashion:  1967 Reproduction fashion
Accessories: Earrings, shoes, hairpieces