Holiday Barbie™ Doll 2014


This sparkling season shimmers with love and good cheer! During the most wondrous time of year, glittering, glamorous parties are always in style. Barbie® doll joins the fun dressed in her prettiest red and golden gown. She’s delivering festive wishes to you for the happiest holiday ever!

  • Collection: Holiday Barbie™ Dolls
  • Designer: Linda Kyaw
  • Release Date: 7/7/2014
  • Body Type: ModelMuse™—Arm Configuration: Bent Right Straight Left
  • Face Sculpt: Nostalgic
  • Face Sculpt: Nostalgic
  • Eyelashes: Painted
  • Fashion Sewn On?: No
  • Included: Doll Stand, Necklace, Shoes