Mosaic Modern Sydney 16″ Dressed Doll

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Color is always one of Tyler’s Wentworth’s strongest elements in her design compositions. For Sydney’s attendance at the newest modern art gallery opening, Tyler designed a colorfully festive mosaic ensemble of coat and jacket in coordinating patterns and colors. Tyler often designs even the very fabrics she uses in such complex designs. She topped this outfit off with paisley embroidered accents on the dress, finely tailored lines, and fire engine red ankle boots. Of course, Sydney would be the center of the exhibit. Includes handbag.

Note: Silk used in this ensemble is custom-dyed and actual colors may vary. Accessories and make-up may be adjusted in production to match fabrics. Mosaic Modern Sydney has right glancing, green eyes and honey blend curly hair.

This is a Robert Tonner Company 16 inch doll.

All dolls produced by The Robert Tonner Company are retired.