My Favorite Barbie® Doll with Lifelike Bendable Legs


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One cherished Barbie® doll is the 1965 Bend Leg Barbie® Doll, known as the American Girl Barbie® by doll collectors worldwide.  This was the first Barbie® doll to have bendable legs!  For ages 6 and over. Doll cannot stand alone.

1965 introduced a beautiful, bendable leg Barbie®. Known for her stylish new hair do, she was available in platinum, blonde, ash blonde, titian, and brunette. This vintage reproduction brunette doll wears a re-creation of the original one-piece swim suit featuring striped top and turquoise bottom. Inside the package is a reproduction of Matinee Fashion #1640 from 1965, 3 collector cards, and a reproduction booklet.

  • Collection: My Favorite Barbie® Doll Series
  • Vintage Reproduction by: Bill Greening
  • Release Date: 6/17/2010
  • Body Type: Vintage Repro with Bendable Legs

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