Nu.Fantasy™ Beauty Dressed Fashion Figure


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Beauty (Male) Fashion Figure

The Nu.Fantasy™ Collection

Limited Edition of 800 Dolls

Release Date: November 25th, 2013

Doll Tech Specs:

Body Type: FR: Homme (12.5 inch)
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: Japan
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eyelashes: No

Not your typical guy, not your typical beauty, but then again, what’s typical in the Nu.Fantasy forest?  Beauty is a man of many charms, but will he succeed in taming the fashion beast? 

Lukas M. in the role of Beauty wears a multi-layered look that consists of a dramatic, yet perfectly tailored, long evening coat over a perfectly matched fashionable shirt and vest combo.  This will give him just that bit of edge that he’ll need to win the beast over in a totally stylish way.  

Introducing the next chapter in the Nu.Fantasy saga: Beauty and The Beast…Integrity Toys style! Who’s the beauty and who’s the beast? Things are not exactly what they appear to be in Nu.Fantasy land!

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, lived a mysterious fashion tigress that terrified the inhabitants of the nearby villages with her dazzling sense of style. Children and other fashionistas alike trembled in her wake. All but one that is; a dashing male model who could see past her edginess and truly loved her for who she was.

She’s a relentless fashion tigress who imposes her undeniable sense of style on everyone. Her beastly demeanor scares everyone in the Nu.Fantasy forest except one beautiful young man who knows better. He can see right through her edgy exterior and loves her endlessly for who she truly is!

Includes a doll stand.

For adult collectors ages 14 and up.

From The Nu.Fantasy Collection 2013. Limited Edition of 800 dolls.

Note:  The picture featuring the Beast Doll is to show the full coat worn by Beauty.  The Beast Doll is Sold Out and no longer available.