Prep School Marley Wentworth 12″ Dressed Doll


12″ Prep School Marley Wentworth Dressed Doll.

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Tonner Doll Company is pleased to present Marley Wentworth, approximately 12 inches tall, a vinyl and hard plastic fashion doll with rooter Saran hair and hand-detailed, painted eyes.  With jointing at the neck, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.  Marley can assume the coolest poses.

Designed by Tyler Wentworth®, Marley’s preparatory school outfits arrived just in time for school photos.  Marley wears the navy jacket and pleated gray flannel skirt with impeccable taste.  A nod to the classic uniform, Tyler adds stylish touches such as red piping and brass buttons to the jacket. Complete with perfect loafers, and a necktie with the school’s colors, Marley was a natural for the camera!

This doll is Never Removed from the Box, still sealed in Tonner white shipper carton.

2005 Robert Tonner Retired Doll.

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