Bob Mackie Neptune Fantasy™ Barbie®Doll


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Fourth in the Bob Mackie series, Neptune Fantasy™ Barbie® doll appears as a vision of oceanic splendor. Wearing a blue and green sequined and velvet gown, Barbie® is surrounded by accents of sea waves. Her platinum blonde hair has a turquoise streak in it, and is tied on top of her head, accented with a turquoise sequined headpiece. This is the first doll in the Bob Mackie collection to feature closed mouth sculpting.

  • Edition: Timeless Treasures™
  • Collection: Bob Mackie Barbie® Dolls
  • Release Date: 1992

Available:  1 Doll Never Removed from the box in shipping carton.  A factory perfect condition doll.

Note:  The picture shown is the Mattel Toys authorized dealer picture to advertise the doll.  The picture is not the actual Never Removed from the Box doll.

No Returns, no exchanges, no refunds.  You may not open this doll, handle it and then return it for any reason.