Shamrock Celebration™ Barbie™ Doll


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Barbie© doll is keen on green wearing a festive dress and apron decorated with shamrocks, ribbon and lace. Includes top hat, charm necklace, pot of “gold” and wee greeting card.

  • Collection: Barbie℠ Fan Club Dolls
  • Collection: Barbie℠ Fan Club Dolls
  • Designer: Bill Greening
  • Label: Gold Label®
  • Release Date: 1/28/2015
  • Body Type: 1959 Vintage (holes in the feet)—Vinyl
  • Face Sculpt: Nostalgic
  • Eyelashes: Painted
  • Fashion Sewn On?: No
  • Included: Shoes, earrings, necklace, hat, pot of gold, greeting card, doll stand with prongs
  • Quantity Produced: 5500
  • You had to be a Barbie℠ Fan Club member to purchase this doll in 2015.

Note:  This doll does not have a brown Mattel shipper carton.