Shop Around Poppy Parker™ Fashion Teen 16″ Dressed Doll


Shop Around Poppy Parker™ Fashion Teen Dressed Doll

Limited Edition of 300 Dolls

This is a 16 inch doll from the first issue of the Fashion Teen Poppy Parker Collection from 2012

What’s a girl to do a on a lazy Saturday afternoon?  She goes shopping with a girlfriend of course!  Poppy is meeting Ginger Gilroy, one of her newest friends and a fellow teenage model.  They are heading to one of the wildest clothing boutiques this side of the Atlantic.  Poppy thought she’d play it casual today in blue and white houndstooth capris paired with a white lace crop top with tiny sequin details.  Of course, her most treasured accessory is a gold heart necklace from Chip.  She’s also taking her favorite love birds purse because she knows it’s cute, and it’ll make Ginger a teensy bit jealous.  She can’t be perfect every day!

This doll is Never Removed from the Box in factory mint condition.

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No returns, no exchanges, no refunds.