Sweet Smell of Success Veronique Perrin® Dressed Doll


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The Sweet Smell Of Success Véronique Perrin® Dressed Doll

From 2012 The Style Directive Fashion Royalty Collection

Limited Edition Size:  500 Dolls Worldwide 

Some say that Véronique Perrin is all about work and no fun, but she begs to differ.  Ms. Perrin shows us her softer side dressed in this most provocative, yet totally romantic look.  With its dramatic black and pink contrasts and soft lace accents, this look totally gives Véronique a new smoldering attitude.  This will surely help the CEO of W Cosmetics seduce a new beau or convince a powerful investor to sign on the dotted line… you decide!

Véronique is a 12″ vinyl doll that comes with a fully rooted hairstyle, hand applied eyelashes, fashion, jewelry, accessories, shoes, doll stand and certificate of authenticity.